To my Brazilian readers…

The Kaasuputki blog has received a record number of visitors from Brazil. Almost all of them have been seeking information about Nightwish’s Tuomas Holopainen, and they all ended up on a page titled ”Hamamat”.

The blog post ”Hamamat” is a small humor piece about the Finnish entrepreneur Vesa Keskinen and his little adventure with a Ghanaian model. The blog post is written in a form of an opera review.

In the text Tuomas Holopainen is portrayed as the composer of the fictional opera ’Hamamat’, and the singer Johanna Kurkela is mentioned as his girlfriend and co-orchestrator of the opera score.

Of course, none of this has happened in the real life.

There is no opera, and the relationship status of Mr Holopainen is more or less unknown to the public. (The last bit of information about the romance was from July 2010, when the Finnish gossip magazine Seiska made a story about their relationship.)



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